Cyclone Winston hits Fiji – Home of Author Nick Sharma

Cyclone Winston hits Fiji – home of Author Nick Sharma

Our heart goes out to Nick Sharma and his Family as they recover from the strongest cyclone in the southern hemisphere which hit on Saturday 20th, 2016. The cyclone was extremely dangerous as many houses are made of tin and had difficulty standing up up to regular strong winds. The cyclone had reported winds of up to 200mph and caused devastation wherever it hit. Fiji has been out of power, communication down, as well as roads blocked. Australian relief efforts have been sent. Nick Sharma's birth place the city of BA was devastated and his hometown of Nadi has taken major damage. We hope a speedy recovery to all the Fijians down there suffering through the harshest ordeals and hope that they can get recovered soon.

More information about the devastating Cyclone Winston can be found here


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