Help brilliant student Jessica Grafius get to Congress

Help a student achieve her dreams

Help Jessica Grafius reach her dreams
Help Jessica Grafius become a medical doctor

We here at Penman take education seriously and believe that any person seeking education should have the right to do so. So Penman is supporting the honorable cause of Jessica Grafius.

Jessica Grafius is a student living in California, who has worked really hard to get a chance to achieve her dreams. She did this by facing against everyone in a highly competitive and selective national program that honors students that have achieved excellent grades, leadership, as well as dedication and strong work ethics. She is now selected for the award in Boston, Massachusetts. There is only one problem. She and her family do not have the money to go.

The family is working very hard and struggling to make enough money to send their daughter to receive an award that she so heart-fully deserves. It is crucial that the Penman readers as well as anyone else viewing this post take a moment to help this family in their time of need. Please donate what you can and/or spread the word to others so this beautiful wonderful person can reach her dreams.

Go to GoFundMe to find more information on Jessica's fight to reach her dream of being a doctor.

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