Penman Author Interviewed by Jonathan Jr. Neal

Thoughts on Writing – An Interview With Nick Sharma

At the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books event, We had the pleasure of meeting a young talented interviewer by the name of Jonathan Jr. Neal, who was busy getting his take on the writing process by published authors. He made a stop at the Penman booth and spent a good deal of time getting into the heart of writing and thoughts about writing with one of our authors, Nick Sharma. Penman is honored to be able to present his article that he wrote based on his questions.

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Jonathan Jr. Neal’s Interview

"I interviewed ex-freelance comic book artist Nick Sharma about his experiences in writing. He told me how necessary imagination was in the profession, especially as he wandered in the real heart of India, not the tourist attraction we see on television with glimmering examples of opulent resorts, five star restaurants, or Americanized foreign interests and tastes. He also stated how relevant it was in his book, 'How to be a Hero' as it sought to exemplify how you can overcome death, disease, and poverty with sheer willpower and imagination."

"Sharma also enlightened me on his book, 'Impaler' as it covers Vlad The Impaler's reasoning and point of view. As feature films like Disney's Maleficent can show you, it is important and crowd pleasing to show both sides of the story. 'Impaler' was also his effort to see what it would take to turn a character into the most terrifying person in the world, as it was based on Vlad's actual exploits, while including King Arthur, the Ming Dynasty, and a healthy mix of fantasy, all geared towards a most noble cause. Undo the unspeakable horrors of which the Twilight franchise has wrought on the Earth."

"Sharma told me some of the things he enjoys about writing and it showed me how much we have in common. He takes pleasure in examining and exploring human nature. Writing, as history has innumerably proven, is communication. Villains bring out the greatness in our heroes. However, the most pivotal thing Sharma shared with me was something I've known in my heart all along, although I couldn't have expressed it as he did. We both love writing because it gives us, 'the freedom to create anything you want without borders.', and I have to imagine that that is true to a wide extent. Even now, more than ever, i think that is the single most attractive quality about writing."

Reporter Jonathan Jr Neal
Reporter Jonathan Jr Neal

The future is bright for this young man, maybe a possible future with Penman 😉