Review of Half-Full by Shipra Taneja

Review of Shipra Taneja’s Book, Half-Full

Half-Full by Shipra Taneja
Half-Full by Shipra Taneja

This is our review of a wonderful book by Shipra Tanjea, named Half-Full about an Indian girl named, Sonika and her journey for romance. Yet, Half-Full is a love story, unlike other love stories, in its unique realistic dealings with the subject. And in doing so, it is a story about self-love as much as it is a story about finding love from others, and all the turmoils one faces that come with it. Taneja illustrates this beautiful and complex subject by delving into our deepest feelings and turmoils including the battles we face internally to overcome those very hurdles.

The protagonist, Sonika, is likable charming, innocent in her mannerisms and mindset, and portrays a very easily relatable figure to most readers. We found it quite entertaining as she dealt with subjects that so closely resembled our own life battles on the subject.

To learn more about this wonderful book, check out Taneja's own blog, Taneja's Bride, or pick up a copy of Half-Full on amazon and take the journey yourself and start seeing life from a Half-Full perspective.