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Want to leave your legacy without the all work and written for you?

What we can do for you

Penman will write and edit your life story and give it back to you as a book. You get to dictate and tell us your story and we write it down, change it into a book that tells your life story and give it back to you as a published piece of work. That's right, we get you published as well as write your story!

Why should I get professional when I can do it on my own?

The truth is that you can do it on your own, but you're likely to make mistakes versus a Professional writer and editor whose sole job is to catch those mistakes. Also, there is the time it takes to do such a thing, which most people don't have. In addition, when writers who work on their own piece are usually too close to the material to see those errors and tend to skip over them reading what they want to read instead of what is actually there. Having a professionally trained eye to look the work over drastically reduces those errors. We make it easy and do it all for you.

Published? Tell me more...

It's simple we take what you tell us and turn it in the book and then we get you published so your book will last forever. This includes getting a copy of your story into the Library of Congress as well as making it available to millions of people that can read your story worldwide.

Scroll below and see the high-quality memoir writing packages we offer at low prices.

Included with our memoir package

Each of our personal Memoir Writing Packages include...

At least Two Professional Editors to make sure more eyes are seeing the work.

Three read throughs to make sure the work is accurate as possible.

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Checks.

Also we check for clarity to make sure your writing delivers what you want to say, all with your approval before delivery.

Have your story last forever. Contact Us today.

Memoir Packages Price Listing

Number of Words Memoir Writing Package Prices
Write up to 1,000 words
1,001 words to 10,000 words
10,001 words to 25,000 words
25,001 words to 50,000 words
50,001 words to 75,000 words
75,001 words to 100,000 words
100,001 words to 150,000 words
150,001 words to 200,000 words
Larger then 200,001+ words
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Note: We do not make any changes on our own. Instead, we offer suggestions marked on your copy, so you can choose to apply the ones you want. We do this to make sure that your book looks and reads exactly the way you want it to.

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