10% Royalty vs. 100% Royalty

The problem with traditional publishing is that after you have your book published, the publisher keeps all the profit and only gives the author a minuscule royalty check, usually 10% and retains the bulk 90% profit for themselves. In addition, they own all your rights for your book. Yes, they actually completely own your book and not you! What if you could keep 100% of your profit? What if you could just pay the publisher for what they do and maintain all the rights and control of your book? And what if you could actually owned what you produced?
Traditional Publishing:

Self-Publishing to the Rescue?

That's where Self-Publishing comes into play, but also with it, all the pitfalls and hurdles that are associated with publishing a book, such as: finding a printer, a cover designer, an editor, an artist if it's a children's book, formatting the book for different platforms, and of course, the actual writing itself. There are so many concerns and worries, an author is often overwhelmed with all the hassles and has little time to actually work on the writing itself.

What is an author to do?

We have the solution


Welcome to Penman Productions, where we offer everything a publisher offers while giving the author 100% of their royalties, profit, and control. We are a full service publishing company where we take a book from its concept and help get it produced into a complete work of literature. There is no worries of feeling lost or what to do anymore. All the writer has to do is write and let us take care of the rest. We will guide you and make sure your content is the best material you can produce, and once completed, we can even print your book for you, and send it to your hands all from one easy to navigate place. All this while still letting the authors maintain all of their rights.


Because the road to Self-Publishing can be extremely profitable, but the road is also rough and rocky on the way. Let us help. We at Penman believe that the power should go back to the author and not the large corporations that make a killing on other people's work. It's time for a change. It is time to take your hard work and make the profits that you rightfully deserve. It is time to do what you love and get paid for it!

The path may be rough but you don't have to walk it alone.

Let Penman be your companion along the way.

What we provide

Custom Artwork

Did you write a children's book and need an illustrator to do custom artwork? Or do you need a sci-fi fantasy piece to knock the socks out of your readers and get them to notice your book? We can help. Check out some of our extremely talented artists custom artwork that can handle the job at low cost and affordable prices.


Did you write the next great novel and are worried about it being loaded with grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and such? A simple mistake in the book can push your reader away. Be sure to catch them all and fix them before you sell them to your clients but getting affordable high quality editing and proof-reading here.

The Best Printing Prices

We offer rock bottom printing prices! Just see our price chart for our rates and compare it to any other. Again, there is no up-charge. The flat rate printing cost you see is what you will get. No more worries about paying more than what you're told. Get cheap printing without sacrificing any quality. Check out our rates.

eBook Conversions

Want to go digital but don't know how? We can help. We can convert your document and convert it so you can use it for Kindle, GooglePlay, SmashWords, and even the iStore!

Experience You Can Trust

With over a decade in the industry and resources throughout the world. You can rest assured that you are getting the best knowledge and experience from us. We have university professors to computer programmers working diligently, all to better aid you in getting your book made into the best product it can be.

Upfront Costs

There are no hidden fees! Unlike other companies, we don't hide our fees or quote a very low price then raise it unexpectedly when you are committed and it's too late to change. What you are seeing is the final cost and won't change. No quotes! No extra fees! Just simple all inclusive price that is shown upfront right from the start.
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Invest in yourself!

Now, we're not saying that selling a book doesn't have it's challenges, and we are also not saying that you will instantly sell out on the first day. But what we are saying is that, why not put yourself in the best financial situation that you can so you can recoup all your costs and start turning that investment into a major profit? We believe in you and your product and if you do as well than we are happy to help you along the way.

So now that we have displayed all the information and showed you how to make money out of your passion, and also have given you access to all the tools necessary to make your dream into reality, all right at your fingertips. We just have a few questions left to ask...

Isn't it time to do what you love?

Isn't it time to finally take that step?

Isn't it time to join others who are Self-Publishing their way to financial freedom?

Well, when you're ready, feel free to send us a message by using the contact form below.

We're here to help

Self-Publishing Packages

Our Self-Publishing Packages include...

Custom Cover design to make your book standout.

Interior Design to make sure your work looks and falls correctly on the page.

Editing such as Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Checks.

Script Analaysis meaning we check for clarity to make sure your writing delivers what you want to say, all with your approval before delivery.

You keep all rights and Intellectual Property Rights meaning only you own your work and nobody else.

If you have a story that you want published. Contact Us and tell us what you're looking for. We will send a customized quote.

Get in touch

Need a little more help?

Are you still uncertain about how to start or do you just prefer the guided road with help along the way? We can be
by your side along the way on this journey. Learn about our Co-Publishing options.

We can help you reach your dreams.

Learn about Co-Publishing!

You don't have to do this alone.

See what our reviewers say

When an elderly friend of Thomas Martindale is found murdered, the vacationing journalism professor and amateur sleuth turned to a manuscript—a WWII memoir of her youth in occupied France—to find the killer.

Publisher’s Weekly

Publisher’s Weekly

The author is skilled at ratcheting up suspense while moving Martindale and company into deeper and deeper doo-do…. Lovell’s storytelling has more in common with Tom Clancy than Agatha Christie.

Fairbanks Daily News

Fairbanks Daily News

“In the second of this enjoyable Oregon-based series… Martindale gets mixed up in the death of an unpleasant marine biologist, … the long ago death of a graduate student, and a too human conspiracy involving whales.”

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times

One of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read!

…just sparkles with imagination and beautiful imagery. The characters are real. We feel their joy, their laughter, their heartbreak. Wow. Just… Wow. Highly recommended.

Vine Voice @Amazon.com

Vine Voice @Amazon.com

I finished the book in two days because I couldn’t put it down! The characters were so real and at times, I felt I was each of the three main characters.

Brittany H.

Brittany H.

This book is very entertaining, beautifully written, and colorfully described. As I read this, I felt very close to each character as if I knew them personally.

H. Rothas

H. Rothas

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